Etendeka Hiking Trail


Embark on a 3-day walking trail with Etendeka Hikes in Grootberg Massif’s foothills. Trek untouched Namibian landscapes, marvel at ancient rock formations, and connect deeply with nature. Our expert guides reveal desert wonders amidst basalt flows and mountains. Sleep under starry skies on elevated platforms, equipped for comfort and safety. At River Camp, glimpse native wildlife, while Hill Camp offers sparkling quartz views atop Crystal Mountain. Experience wilderness like never before!


Day 1: Palmwag Lodge pickup point to River Camp

Meet at Palmwag Lodge on the Uinab River at the normal pickup time and point for Etendeka Mountain Camp. Hand your luggage to the driver, who will safely deliver your luggage to the River Camp. Start your walk from Palmwag Lodge into the Etendeka Concession for approximately 2 to 3 hours to your 1st overnight camp. The scenery is incredible as you access the concession on foot and see the pristine rocky plains against the Namibian sky. Your experienced guide will give you a sense of what awaits as he identifies desert plants and trees. Keen birders and photographers should have their binoculars and cameras on hand.

Day 2: River Camp to Hill Camp

After your first night under the stars, wake up early to the sounds and smells of the wilderness. Enjoy a full-cooked breakfast, pack your travel snacks and water bottles into the backpacks, and start walking to Hill Camp. The route is spectacular, and your guide will be able to identify animal spoor and share information about the area’s history. Stop en route for refreshments and aim to reach Hill Camp by early afternoon for a late lunch and siesta. The distance of this walk is between 15km and 20km and should take about 6 to 7 hours, including stops, depending on the group’s fitness level.

Hill Camp is situated on the top of Crystal Mountain, with spectacular views, abundant crystals and exquisite rock formations. You can do a short sundowner walk around the plateau in the afternoon. Guests will enjoy a simple but delicious and wholesome dinner around the fire. Settle in on your sleeping platform perched on the mountain’s edge and enjoy the night under the stars.

Day 3: Departure

A short morning walk or transfer down to Etendeka Mountain Camp and get the scenic nature drive back to Palmwag Lodge, or stay an additional night at Etendeka Mountain Camp.


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Essential Info

  • Duration: Choose either the 2 or 3 night experience with the additional option of extending your experience with a night or two at the original Etendeka Mountain Camp.
  • Start Location: Etendeka Pick up point – Palmwag Lodge
  • Departure Times: 16h00
  • Dropoff Time: 11h00
  • Dress: A well ‘walked-in’ pair of hiking boots, hat and sunblock are essential items
  • Fitness Level: Good health and a good level of fitness, paired with a love for the outdoors, is required
  • Pack: A Headlamp (torch) is recommended, sunglasses, camera and binoculars are also recommended
  • Included

    • Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and coffee (excluding drinks)
    • Use of day pack, water bottle & walking stick
    • All local drinks
    • “Back-to-basics” hiking experience with knowledgeable guide
    • Sleeping under the stars on raised platforms with attached toilets and basins, in canvas bed-rolls and 100% cotton linen and down duvets
    • Luggage transportation between overnight camps
    • Scenic road transfer back to pick-up point


    • Drinks
    • Transport to Etendeka
    • Non-local drinks


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